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Thinking about a legacy

“Use your imagination.  Wave a magic wand.  If there were some things you could do for the kids in the school where you used to teach, what would they be?”  I asked this question one afternoon to one our dear clients. 

When to Start Your Child’s 529 Plan

When to Start Your Child’s 529 Plan

There’s crazy pressure on parents these days. From 1965 to 2012 the amount of time parents interacted with their children doubled according to a 2016 study by Guilia M. Dottia Sani and Judith Treas. 

Stay the Course During Market Uncertainty

Thoughts from Jim

A friend of mine, who is also a financial advisor, used to tell his clients: “there will be days like today where you want to drive by my house and throw a brick through the window.  If you do, just be sure to attach a check to it.”