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The You Can’t Take it With You Podcast

Did you know that our own Jim Dunlop is now a podcast host? The You Can’t Take it With You podcast launched this week with the inaugural episode in which Jim shares: Sponsor for this episode: This episode is brought to you by Advent Partners — a financial planning partner dedicated to helping you make […]

What is a Certified Kingdom Advisor®?

A Certified Kingdom Advisor® (CKA) is specially trained to give you financial advice that’s rooted in Christian values. See what it’s like to work with a CKA®. 

If You Can Afford Daycare, You Can Afford College

When to Start Your Child’s 529 Plan

There’s crazy pressure on parents these days. From 1965 to 2012 the amount of time parents interacted with their children doubled according to a 2016 study by Guilia M. Dottia Sani and Judith Treas.