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What is a Certified Kingdom Advisor®?

If you are of Christian faith, finding financial peace of mind often starts with working with a Certified Kingdom Advisor® (CKA). A CKA® is a financial advisor who shares your Christian faith and is specially trained and certified to provide expert financial advice that’s rooted in biblical values and truths. Certified Kingdom Advisors® have a deep understanding of the Scriptures’ teachings on finance and money—and can help you apply those teachings, along with your own faith-based values, to your financial decisions.

A Certified Kingdom Advisor® Has Advanced Training

To become a Certified Kingdom Advisor®, financial professionals must meet several requirements. First, they must have ChFC® (Chartered Financial Consultant) or CFP® (Certified Financial Planner) certification. Additionally, they need to obtain a letter of reference from a pastor or church leader to verify their spiritual maturity. Moreover, completion of a six-month educational course through Indiana Wesleyan University and passing the rigorous CKA® Proctored Exam are mandatory.

CKA® certification must be renewed every year and continuing education requirements must be fulfilled. At Advent Partners, for example, our Certified Kingdom Advisors® attend the national Kingdom Advisors conference each year to engage in advanced learning from the industry’s most renowned experts and engage in peer-to-peer learning with more than 2,000 other CKAs®. 

Working With a Certified Kingdom Advisor®: The Process

A Certified Kingdom Advisor’s® process is typically not that different from other financial advisors. There is a discovery phase where they get to know you. There is a building phase where they develop your financial plan and recommendations. And then there is an execution phase where your financial plan is implemented, monitored, and continually optimized.

The real difference is in the types of conversations you can expect to have. While every financial advisor will want to understand your personal values, a CKA® can go deeper with you in discussing your Christian values. Those conversations form the foundation for a true partnership between you and your Certified Kingdom Advisor® and enable your CKA® to develop a financial plan that aligns with your faith. Let’s look at some examples.

Examples of How a Certified Kingdom Advisor® Can Help You

There are thousands of teachings on money and resources in the Bible. A Certified Kingdom Advisor® helps you apply that biblical wisdom to virtually any financial scenario.

Let’s say you are a Christian small business owner who is considering borrowing money from a family member to enhance your operations. If you live your life according to a biblical code of ethics, a CKA® can help consider the Bible’s teachings on debt (e.g., Proverbs 22:7: “The rich rules over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.”) as you weigh your options.

Here’s another example. The Bible advises you as a Christian to make an offering (or tithe) of 10 percent of your income to the church (Deuteronomy 14:22), but you’re also trying to save for your children’s college education or a fast-approaching retirement. A Certified Kingdom Advisor® can help you create a plan for honoring all your commitments in a way that bolsters both your spiritual and your financial peace of mind.

The benefits of working with a CKA® go beyond just financial planning. Certified Kingdom Advisors® offer specialized services for clients who are passionate about giving back to their communities or supporting charitable causes. They can provide guidance on charitable giving strategies and ways to make a lasting impact through your finances.

I’m Not Christian. Can a Certified Kingdom Advisor® Help Me?

Even if you’re not a Christian, a Certified Kingdom Advisor® can help you. First and foremost, remember that a Certified Kingdom Advisor® is also a CFP®/ChFC®. He or she has made a professional commitment to helping you achieve your financial goals in a way that aligns with your personal values—and no one else’s. Secondly, if you express an interest in learning from diverse perspectives, a CKA® is always willing to share the Bible’s take on a financial situation with you. Like all great philosophies, there’s wisdom that comes from the pages of Scripture that can help guide your financial decision-making process, regardless of your faith.

Meet Our Certified Kingdom Advisors® to Learn More

If you’d like to learn more about working with a Certified Kingdom Advisor®, schedule a time to meet with Advent Partners today. Our team includes experienced CKAs® who can offer you a spiritually integrated approach to financial planning that ensures you, your faith, and your family are ready for good.