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Advent Partners Spotlight: Chris VanHart

Each month, we spotlight a different member of the Advent Partners team to share what they value inside and outside the office.

Our August spotlight is Chris VanHart.

Position: Wealth Advisor & Practice Manager


Helping families balance their retirement goals with their other family-related goals. Whether it be college for kids and grandkids or planning for family members with special needs, it is important to find balance and don’t fall into the trap of “double-counting” money. These are emotional conflicts that families wrestle to understand and solve. We talk about these things, and others, and how they will impact the plans we are making.

The last movie you watched is?

Oppenheimer. It was great and depicted the race to understand how to harness the technology to create the atomic bomb. Gave a good picture of all the anxiety of World War II and the Cold War that followed.

When you are not at work, you are?

Walking and cooking for my family and friends. I also enjoy binge-watching an eclectic variety of movies and shows with my wife and kids.

What is the best piece of advice you have received?

Pray for wisdom and clarity, and don’t second guess it when the Lord gives you both!  My wife and I have had several times in our life together where we prayed that the Lord make the right decision obvious to us.  We have struggled with accepting the obvious answer when it has come!  😊

What do you like most about working at Advent Partners?

The relationships I have been able to establish.  I enjoy partnering with our clients to help them develop and execute their financial plan.  I also enjoy our team…we really are like a family!