Online Assessment


While this questionnaire is an indicator of your ability to tolerate risk in your investment portfolio, it is not a substitute for a thorough discussion of your financial needs, plans and concerns with your Thrivent Financial professional.

    Question 1:
    Which investment objective is most important to you?

    Question 2:
    The graph shows the potential fluctuation in value of five hypothetical portfolios in a given year. The original amount invested was $10,000. The amounts shown represent the potential range in values of this $10,000 investment after one year.
    In which of the five given portfolios would you prefer to invest?

    Question 3:
    From September 2008 through November 2008, the stock market lost 30%. If you owned an investment that lost more than 30% in 3 months, you would:

    Question 4:
    Generally, investments with higher potential returns also carry higher risk.
    How would you describe your tolerance for investment fluctuation?

    Question 5:
    When do you plan to begin taking withdrawals from your account?

    Question 6:
    Once you begin withdrawing money from your investment account, how long do you expect the withdrawals to last?

    Question 7:
    Will you want to withdraw 20% or more of your original investment at any time?

    Question 8:
    Excluding retirement dollars, you would be able to pay your bills for approximately how many month(s) after a loss of income due to an emergency.

    Question 9:
    What is your overall knowledge of investments?