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The Beneficiary Review Checklist for Estate Planning

Estate planning is an ongoing process that ebbs and flows depending on your latest financial goals and situation. As you prepare for the future, it’s important to review your beneficiaries to ensure that any updates to your estate plans align with who you’ve designated to transfer your estate to after you pass away—whether you’ve named an individual or a non-person entity (such as a trust, a charity, or your estate).

Our FREE Beneficiary Review Checklist can help you determine what factors to look for and consider when reviewing your beneficiaries so you can have peace of mind that your assets are placed into the right hands.

Download your copy for FREE now and take the next step towards successful estate planning. Our checklist covers important topics when reviewing your beneficiaries, including:

  • Ensuring your beneficiaries reflect your current wishes and are consistent across all of your estate planning documents.
  • Understanding what it means to designate a non-person entity as your beneficiary, as well as how it impacts your estate planning goals.
  • A breakdown of specific types of accounts and the different tax treatments they could incur.